Moto Corsa Motorcycles Lifetime Warranty

Moto Corsa Motorcycles Lifetime Warranty

Here at Moto Corsa Motorcycles we are so confident in the quality of the motorcycles we sell, and the after sales service we provide, that we now offer a FREE lifetime warranty on all new machines over 750cc.

Our lifetime warranty starts as soon as the standard manufacturer’s warranty expires and provides the same level of cover. 

Components covered typically include things like the engine, powertrain and fuel system. Parts subject to wear and tear, such as tyres, chain and brake pads, are excluded. 

There is no charge for this service and the Moto Corsa Motorcycles Lifetime Warranty lasts for as long as you (the first registered keeper) own the motorcycle, regardless of how many miles you clock up. 

In order to qualify, the motorcycle must be serviced by Moto Corsa Motorcycles as specified by the manufacturer and must at least have an annual service. When due, the annual MOT must also be provided by Moto Corsa Motorcycles. That’s because we stand by the quality of our workmanship, but can’t be held responsible for work carried out, or parts fitted, elsewhere.

It really is that simple. And FREE.

And there's more  FREE goodies you enjoy when you buy a new motorcycle from Moto Corsa Motorcycles. 

FREE MOTs for life, a FREE full tank of fuel, a FREE bike cover and, if you pick up your new bike on a weekday, a FREE breakfast for 2 in our MCN Golden Sausage ranked café  - after lockdown, of course.  


This warranty provided by Motocorsa Limited (“Moto Corsa Motorcycles”) does not adversely affect the statutory rights of the purchaser against the original manufacturer of the motorcycle purchased and gives remedies in addition to those against the original manufacturer.

Lifetime Warranty for the first registered owner

1. Duration of the warranty, dependence on first owner

In addition to and upon the expiration of the above standard manufacturer’s warranty, Moto Corsa Motorcycles undertakes that each new road motorcycle of over 750cc engine capacity supplied by Moto Corsa Motorcycles will be entitled to the same level of warranty cover as originally provided by the relevant manufacturer for the lifetime of the motorcycle for as long as it is owned by the original purchaser provided the motorcycle meets the conditions set out below in clause 1.3 below (the “Lifetime Warranty”).  The Lifetime Warranty is only valid for the first registered owner of the motorcycle who bought the motorcycle from Moto Corsa Motorcycles and is non-transferable.

The manufacturer’s warranty starts with the date of delivery or collection by the purchaser or date of first registration, whichever comes first. The Lifetime Warranty commences upon expiration of the manufacturer’s warranty.

2. Coverage of the Lifetime Warranty

The Lifetime Warranty applies to free of charge repair of the motorcycle by Moto Corsa Motorcycles in line with the original manufacturer’s limited warranty being limited to repairing or replacing, at Moto Corsa Motorcycles’ option, any parts. The decision to repair or replace defective parts under this warranty will be made by Moto Corsa Motorcycles to whom the motorcycle must be returned.

For the parts fitted during a Lifetime Warranty repair the same warranty terms are as provided for the motorcycle, i.e. only the first registered owner shall be entitled to the benefit of the Lifetime Warranty. Replaced parts become the property of Moto Corsa Motorcycles.

Moto Corsa Motorcycles reserves the right to appoint its own engineer to inspect the motorcycle prior to any repair or replacement of part(s) covered.

Moto Corsa Motorcycles shall use all reasonable endeavours to supply replacement parts in accordance with the Lifetime Warranty, but where any parts are no longer available for any reason Moto Corsa Motorcycles shall have no liability to provide a replacement under the Lifetime Warranty.  

3  Covered components of the Lifetime warranty

The Lifetime Warranty is valid only for the following components of the motorcycle:

  1. Engine, transmission and electronic parts of the powertrain such as ECU.
  2. Powertrain: drive shafts, gears, electronic parts of the powertrain.
  3. Steering: steering gear, electronic parts of the steering system.
  4. Brake system: ABS/ESP system including hydraulic unit, brake booster, main and wheel brake cylinders.
  5. Fuel system: fuel pump, injection pump, electronic parts of the fuel injection systems.
  6. Exhaust system: any turbo charger including actuator, electronic parts of the exhaust system, Lambda sensors.
  7. Cooling system: radiator, thermostat, water pump, cooling fan.
  8. Electrical equipment: electronic control units excluding navigation, lighting, software, generator, starter, electronic parts of the ignition system, ignition wiring, central electric units, instrument cluster unit, on-board computer, horn.

Wiring harnesses, hoses and connectors are excluded.

Furthermore, not covered are all service maintenance repairs and wear and tear parts. Excluded is the replacement of components that have failed due to wear and tear or incorrect use or application by the owner.

The warranty does not extend to the fixing of consequential damage caused by the covered components mentioned above.

4. Customer duties to retain warranty

The Lifetime Warranty is dependent on the customer having the motorcycle serviced by Moto Corsa Motorcycles as well as complying with the minimum service requirements as specified by the manufacturer and must at least have an annual service.  Where applicable, an annual MOT must also be provided by Moto Corsa Motorcycles.  

5  Exclusions

The Lifetime Warranty does not cover death, bodily injury, property or third party damage, parts replaced for wear and tear, the replacement of a part in a normal service, corrosion, continued use of the motorcycle after a fault has become evident, any accessories, cosmetic damage, modifications to the original specification, training, hire or racing of any kind.  Collection and delivery is not covered by the Lifetime Warranty.

6. Data protection

The Lifetime Warranty requires Motocorsa to maintain personal data of the owner. Motocorsa Limited will never sell your information on. We would like to use your information to keep you informed about new products, services, special offers and to measure and improve how we service you. If you do not wish for us to do this, please contact us via one of the following channels:

email us on

write to us at The Old Brewery, Wyke Road, Gillingham, Dorset SP8 4NW

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