Masterpiece - New Moto Guzzi V100 Mandello

Moto Guzzi’s V100 Mandello caused quite a stir when it was unveiled and for good reason - not only does it represent a new age for the Mandello del Lario factory, it might just change the way a few other manufacturers think about their bikes. Production dates have yet to be confirmed, but here are three reasons why we’re so excited about the arrival of Guzzi’s groundbreaking new model, and why you should be too…

Adapted Aerodynamics

The V100 Mandello is the world's first bike with Active Aerodynamics. That might seem gimmicky, but it’s not. The bike automatically regulates the position of the deflectors on the sides of the fuel tank in line with the speed and selected Riding Mode, deflecting wind and keeping you comfortable - less windblast = less fatigue = more miles riding. 

New Compact Block Engine

It’s the first Moto Guzzi to be powered by the all-new 1042cc, liquid-cooled, ‘compact block’, engine. It still has the classic Guzzi transverse 90° V-twin architecture, but boasts 115bhp and 105Nm of torque, with chain-driven double overhead camshaft and four valves per cylinder.

State-Of-The-Art Electronics

The most technically advanced Guzzi ever, the Mandello has a Ride by Wire electronic throttle with 4 different riding modes, 6-axis inertial platform, cruise control and ABS cornering for optimal braking - including on bends. On top of all this, it offers precision handling and fuel consumption management.

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