Dunlop Roadsmart IV Tyres Review

Dunlop UK invited our Service Centre Controller, Kate Mustill, to attend their product experience for the latest version of their Roadsmart tyres at Silverstone. In her spare tiume Kate races Minitwins, so we couldn't think of anyone better suited to report back on Dunlop's latest rubber for sport-touring use. Here's what she learned over two days;

My first steed was the latest Ducati Monster.  We were led into the Cotswold countryside by two expert ride leaders, where we got to experience first hand the feel of the Roadsmart IVs on the glorious twisty roads. 

I was in unfamiliar territory on on an unfamiliar bike and, as any motorcyclist will concur, tyres are a very personal thing. I have always been inclined to stick to one brand, because confidence on the road is everything, but I have to say the bike felt very planted in every turn, even over some questionable tarmac in places.  

After a coffee and cake stop at Broadway Tower we swapped bikes and headed back.  I was on the Triumph Tiger 660 Sport for the return leg.  This was completely out of my comfort zone - a very upright riding position on a bike considerably taller than I’m used to!  I would say I was wobbly to start with, but actually the quicker you went round the corners the better it felt, and again, the tyres performed brilliantly. By the time we got back, I wished we had a few more miles!

I'm no expert on these things, but I know when something doesn’t feel right or I'm not confident, and I couldn’t really tell the difference between the Roadsmart IV’s and the Pirelli Diablo Corsa II I have on my own bike.  They felt equal to me in performance, offering great grip, and giving me confidence on two bikes I’d never ridden before, on roads I didn’t know. 

Smiles all round, and a big thumbs up from this Lady!

To see the Roadsmart IV video Click here  

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