Energica Biking Future Arrives At Moto Corsa

Here at Moto Corsa we are delighted to announce our working partnership with Energica, one of the world leading experts in Electric Motorcycle Technology. Mike Russell de Clifford, owner of Moto Corsa Ltd says:  "Energica is/are the foremost leader in electric superbike technology.  With the ultra low emissions zones (ULE) coming into force in the UK, it makes complete sense to own and Energica Superbike.  With minimal running costs and full access to all ULE zones, a 200km range and 196nm of torque, the EGO is a real alternative to petrol powered Superbikes.We are proud and honored to be chosen by Energica to support and grow the marketplace for these stunning technological bikes and we look forward to working closely with them for the foreseeable future.  Come and see the Energica EGO when it arrives in our showroom soon.  May the Electric Force be with you.

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