As witching hour approaches, here at Moto Corsa we are getting in the spirit with some scarily good deals on Euro 3 Mv Agusta’s.  So don’t be a ghoul, pick up the phone for more information and prices that will make your friends sick with envy, for deals so hot you could toast marshmallows on them.  Low rate finance is available on all our bikes and part exchanges are more than welcome, no matter what it is, nothing scares us!!  So dust off your Honda Spirit, breathe life into that skull encrusted Harley, say boo to your Laverda Ghost, why we’ll even take your mother-in-laws broomstick in part exchange.  These deals aren’t for eternity, once they’ve gone, they’ve gone!! Don’t miss out or it will haunt you forever!!  Don’t delay, call right away and get a free slice of pumpkin pie with every deal.  Prices that will please Ebenezer, bikes that will thrill you, sounds that will wake the dead.  Moto Corsa the best Halloween Party around.  No Tricks, just Treats!!  And no clowns in sight, except for Mike and that ridiculous mask........  wait that’s no mask!  

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