"Would You Adam "n" Eve It??"

Adam Childs from MCN completes a lap of the Isle Of Man TT course in the SES TT Zero race at an average speed of 78.848 mph.  Not too shabby for a production bike straight out of the crate and going toe to toe with the likes of the Mugen Race Team.  An astonishing effort from "Chad," MCN's superfast journalist and test pilot and proof just how good the Energica electric superbike really is!! Well worth its price tag and a fantastic testament to its superb build quality and Energica's unbelievable eye for detail and use of high end components!!  Congratulations Chad, now bring her home for our customers to experience the thrill of an electric superbike.

You too could have all the fun of the fair on an Energica EGO or EVA.  Please call 01747 811196 (option 1) to discuss their availability.

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