Leoncino 800 | £0.00

Faithful to the philosophy and concept of "Timeless Desire", which has distinguished the Leoncino range from the beginning, here is the new Benelli Leoncino 800. A true evolution for the modern-classic of the House of Pesaro, which now presents a two wheels with an essential and authentic style, a balanced mix of classic and modern stylistic elements, which go perfectly with the most advanced 754cc engine in the range. Leoncino 800 shows the muscles compared to the smaller sisters, presenting itself with much harder and more sculpted shapes, capable of enhancing power and dynamism, with a collected silhouette but at the same time slender and with extremely balanced proportions. In the pure elegance of the lines and in the modernity of its style, Leoncino 800 expresses all its essence and uniqueness, while maintaining what are the iconic elements of the Leoncino range. In fact, even in the 800cc version we find the stylistic element of the bow, which characterizes the entire range and which is faithful to both the headlight and the tank. Elements and details that at the same time are also the most advanced with respect to the 250cc and 500cc versions, but which give a clear sense of belonging to the typical style of the Leoncino, maintaining its own family feeling. The frame is a tubular truss with steel plates, completely new, able to integrate perfectly with the design and to ensure maximum agility and maneuverability on the road for any type of driver, without ever giving up the maximum driving fun. Attention to details and authentic materials characterize Leoncino 800: the tank, with its angular and modern lines, is made of sheet steel and houses the Benelli logo, as usual. To embed the Leoncino logo under the saddle is instead an aluminum side panel with modern lines, which develops seamlessly towards the tank, creating a simple but unique and sophisticated style element. The projector, which incorporates the most modern lines of the Leoncino 250, is entirely LED and presents an original and sophisticated design, emphasized by the arched design and the Benelli Leoncino logo positioned in the center. State-of-the-art TFT instrumentation for a dashboard with a modern and authentic design. The saddle, able to guarantee maximum rider and passenger comfort also integrates perfectly with the lines of the bike, as well as the exhaust design, with balanced and modern proportions. A special mention to the Lion who, as in the historical bike and as in the rest of the range, stands proudly on the front fender. Leoncino 800 also has a standard center stand

BORE X STROKE 088x62mm
RATED OUTPUT 60kw@9000rpm
MAX. TORQUE 67nm@6500rpm
CLUTCH Multi Disc Wet